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Architecture students on excursion trip to TGD

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Thatta Ghulamka Dheroka, commonly called Dolls Village, has special attraction for all those who are interested in architecture and those who are interested in traditional housing. Thanks to the long standing experiences of the TTTC with simple technology and mud housing, combined with the cooperation with SPARC in Lahore that the common perception about local and environment friendly materials has undergone a fundamental change. Through the initiative IEC@BNU and through the FPAC Foundation, which publishes the quarterly magazine GREEN MAG, for the first time architecture students and professors have visited the project intentionally in order to acquaint themselves with the traditional mud architecture and how it exists in Thatta Ghulamka Dheroka. On their way to the village, between Lahore and Okara, the group also visited a Bio-Gas-Installation facility. Here are some images of the trip.
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Thatta Kedona

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Volunteers: Dr. Senta Siller, Dr. Norbert Pintsch, Jane Carew-Reid, Dr. Karola Groch, Inge Keindl, Uta Moeller, Dr. Sophie Kuppler, Berhard Staeck, Erika Burchhardt, Gertrud Baier, Renate Perner, Lutz Fluegge, Dr. Nadine Jaeger, Isabel Merkel, Marleen Hamid, Monika Kuppler, Sabine Piltz, Stephanie Walter, Gundula Gomoll, Alexandra Scherer, Rainer Schmitt, Helga Schmitt-Pritz, Dr. Tobias Leonhardt, Marlies Bartkiewitz, Dr.Gwendolyn Kulick, Gittebritt Pintsch, Dr Leila Siller, Dr. Elizabeth Carew-Reid, Ursula Huette, Dr. Amir Malik, Khalid Javaid, Lok Virsa, S A J Shirazi, Ulrike Vestring, Omar M. Ali, AFA (NGO)

Thatta Kedona cooperation with: SPARC, FPAC, BNU, IPC, DGFK

Projects: Kite-project, LC-project, Village Museum, Internet Radio Station, Buffalo Pond, TTTC, WAC, BHU, WaterProject, IEC@BNU


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