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Real or Virtual

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By Norbert Pintsch / IPC-FBTC

Should one meet directly or hold indirect contact?

What is better or worse or more suitable or environmentally friendly or...?

It would be nice if there was a correct answer, - well it seems that there is none! Human coexistence is enormous and varied, full of misunderstandings and wonders that are eliminated by the technical possibilities that create them, the misunderstandings.

A personal contact for the sake of a contact prevents misunderstandings. If a personal contact has been made, then further topics and problems can be discussed on this basis. In the academic context, the question arises as to whether the use of the technical possibilities can be a substitute or only a tool to keep in touch. Replacement can be the visual presentation of topics, in any case, it is environmentally friendly, but never substitute for personal discussions.

The TV/video factor should be understood in this sense.

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