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Effects of News Websites on Audience and Opinion Formation

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Anam Sairah Khan, Kinnaird College for Women Lahore
Online media have become a key part of social and cultural life of people in many ways. There is no way one can avoid technology now a days. When we talk about communication and media, internet is playing a vital role in everyone's life. Internet has become an integral part for news and information. With the rapid increase of convenient technology, young youth population is now more inclined towards timely news and convenient ways of getting information. For this purpose, online media is there to serve the need. Online media is an electronic media just like printed newspapers but in electronic format. For educated Pakistani population online media is considered as an easy source of information. From educational institutes to offices and even homes, Internet has become a vital need.
This study is based on four aspects related to the online media of Pakistan: readership of online news websites of Pakistan, credibility and trust of people on these websites, preferred media to get news by audience and the effects of online news website on the opinion formation of audience. Survey method of research was used to collect data from respondents. Theories like Uses and Gratification Theory and Media Dependency Theory were applied to this study.
It was concluded from the data collected that there is a high percentage of readership of online news websites in Pakistan and these websites are helping people in forming opinion about issues. Furthermore, it will find out how much people trust online news media for getting news. Moreover, hypothesis like “Readership of Pakistani news websites is increasing among people in Pakistan”, “Pakistani news websites are helping online readers for forming opinion” and “People trust online media more than other media to get news” were tested. Apart from revealing the facts and opinion of people related to the online news websites of Pakistan, this study has also suggest ways for making a news website more interesting to audience.


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